Educational Psychology


Higher National Diploma in English Syllabus 2nd Year 2nd Semester

1. Education psychology ( 10/5 hrs)

1.1 What is psychology
1.2 Branches of psychology
1.3 The nature of education psychology
1.4 Uses of education psychology to the teacher

2. Personal development ( 10/5 hrs)

2.1 Different aspects of personal development
2.2 Factors that influence personal development
2.3 The environment
2.4 Principles of personal development
2.5 Stages of personal development

3. Intellectual development ( 10/5 hrs)

3.1 Piaget’s theory of the development of intelligence
3.2 Stages of development of intelligence
3.3 Memory and stages of memory
3.4 Cognitive developments
3.5 Theories of intelligence
3.6 Emotional intelligence

4. Learning ( 10/5 hrs)

4.1 Basic characteristics of learning
4.2 Definitions of learning
4.3 Factors affecting learning
4.4 Principles of learning

5. Children with special needs ( 10/5 hrs)

5.1 Classification of students with special needs
5.2 Types of physical challenges
5.3 Mentally challenged students
5.4 Factors that influence presence of aggressive behavior or isolate behavior
5.5 Genius or gifted children

6. Educational guidance and counseling ( 10/5 hrs)

6.1 Definition of the concept of guidance and counseling
6.2 Educational guidance and counseling
6.3 Theories in counseling
6.4 Counseling techniques
6.5 Qualities of the counselor

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