EB Exam Past Papers for Development Officers

Download EB Exam Past Papers for development officers (Tamil, English and Sinhala Medium) Service shall be held by the Commissioner – General of Examinations. Applicants should sit for a written examination, which will comprise of the accompanying subjects.

Subjects of First Efficiency Bar Examination

  1. Office Systems
  2. Accounting Systems
  3. Computer Test

Office Systems

This paper is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of office systems adopted in government offices and practical use of that knowledge, a proper understanding of official documents, and the ability to present the ideas/ observations in clear and brief minutes, and the ability to draft a letter according to an order given to the officer. (This paper consists of structured, semi-structured, and essay-type questions. All the questions should be

Accounting Systems:

It is expected to test candidates’ knowledge in basic accounts adopted in government offices, functions of cash control books. (This paper consists of structured and semi-structured questions. All the questions should be answered)

Computer Test:

  • Basic concepts of Information Technology
  • Windows Operating System
  • File Management
  • Word Processing

(Basic skills, screen familiarization, editing texts, aligning texts, fonts, and attributes, indenting paragraphs, change of line spacing, Tab setting, finding and replacing text, spelling, and grammar, thesaurus, working with columns, page setup, printing documents, creating tables. Sorting texts, file management, mail merging working with macros)

First Efficiency Bar Examination Papers 2018

Second Efficiency Bar Examination Papers 2018