Higher National Diploma in English- HNDE

Higher National Diploma in English is being conducted as full time and part time with the duration of 2 and half years. The full time program consists of two year course work and six month implant training while the part time program also consists of two year course work and six month research project.

HNDE 1st Year 1st Semester

EN 1101: Reading Skills & Vocabulary Development
EN 1102: Effective Communication Skills I
EN 1103: Listening in English I
EN 1104: Language Structure Usage & Linguistics
EN-1105: Introduction to literature
EN 1106: Professional Writing I
EN 1107: CALL & Study Skills I


HNDE 1st Year 2nd Semester

EN 1211: Reading Skills & Vocabulary Development
EN 1212: Effective Communication Skills II
EN 1213: Listening in English II
EN 1214: Language Structure Usage & Linguistics
EN-1215: British & American Literature
EN 1216: Professional Writing II
EN 1217: CALL & Study Skills I


HNDE 2nd Year 1st Semester Syllabus

EN 2111 Advanced Reading Skills & Vocabulary Development I
EN 2112 Technology Based Communication Skills
EN 2113 Research Methodology I
EN 2114 Language Structure, Linguistics & Usage III
EN 2115 Common Wealth Literature
EN 2116 Professional Writing III
EN 2117 English Language Teaching Methodology I
EN 2118 Fundamental Business English I
EN 2119 Fundamental Journalism I


HNDE 2nd Year Second Semester

EN 2211 Advanced Reading & Vocabulary Development II
EN 2212 Language Structure, Usage & Linguistics IV
EN 2213 Sri Lankan Literature
EN 2214 Advanced Professional Writing.
EN 2215 English Language Teaching Methodology II
EN 2216 Fundamental Business English II
EN 2217 Fundamental Journalism II
EN 2218 Principles of education
EN 2219 Intermediate Business English
EN 2220 Intermediate Journalism
EN 2221 Educational Measurement
EN 2222 Advanced Business English I
EN 2223 Advanced Journalism I
EN 2221 Educational Psychology
EN 2222 Advanced Business English II
EN 2223 Advanced Journalism II

3rd Year Semester 1

EN 3111 Implant Training/Project

HNDE Past Papers