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Basic characteristics of learning

(1) Learning is growth

Growth implies i both physical and mental development of the learner. The individual gains experiences through various activities. These are all sources of learning.

(2) Learning is adjustment

Learning enables the individual to adjust himself properly, with new situations. The individual faces new problems and new situations throughout his life and learning helps him to solve the problems encountered by him.

(3) Learning is purposeful

All kinds of learning is goal-oriented. The individual acts with some purpose. He learns through activities. He gets himself interested when he is aware of his objectives to be realized through these activities.

(4) Learning is experience

The individual learns through experiences. Human life is fall of experiences. All these experiences provide new knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. Learning is not mere acquisition of the knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is also the reorganization of experiences or the synthesis of the old experiences with the new.

(5) Learning is intelligent

Learning is not mechanical it should be meaningful.

(6) Learning is active

Learning implies self-activity. Learning by doing is an important principle of education.

7) Learning is both individual and social

Although learning is an individual activity, it is social also. Individual is influenced by his peers, friends, relatives’ parents and classmates and learns their ideas, feelings and attitudes in some way or others.

(8) Learning is-the product of the environment

Environment plays an important part in the growth and development of the individual. The physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of the child is molded in his environment.

(9) Learning affects the behavior of the learner

Learning is called the modification of behavior. It affects the learner’s behavior. Every learning experience brings about changes in the mental structure of the learner.

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