Effective Communication Skills I 1st Year 1st Semester Syllabus HNDE

Higher National Diploma in English

Effective Communication Skills I 1st Year 1st Semester Syllabus HNDE

Conversational routines (10 / 05 hrs)

  • Greetings/thanking/ apologizing/ complimenting/ leave taking etc.
  • Types of activities: Dialogues/conversations in different settings (pair and group work)e.g. at the post office/office/market
  • Procedure: listen to the dialogue. Practise it with a partner. Then write their own dialogues and practise saying them.

Interaction in ‘service’ situations (10 / 05 hrs)

  • Enrolling in a school/institute, obtaining membership in a library/club/Association, reserving seats in a cinema/train/ on the plane
  • Type of activities: role play, simulation
  • Functions: request, explain, justify, and decide,

Functional dialogues (10 / 05 hrs)

  • Buying, selling, bargaining, complaining
  • Type of activities: role play
  • Exponents: Can I have…, I would like to…, I want to change this shirt…, Can I pay by cheque/credit card?

Enact social situations (10 / 05 hrs)

  • Situations: Tea/dinner/ Birth day/party, Theatre /bus queue, .etc
  • Types of activities: simulations, dialogue between the host/hostess and guests, guests themselves.
  • Language focus: welcoming, thanking, wishing, congratulating, making, making a short speech, informal conversation.
  • Conversation between persons in a queue: about the play/ film, long queue etc.
  • Language focus: explain, discuss, compare, and complain

Fluency based activities ( 10 / 05 hrs)

  • Focus: how to maintain fluency in a conversation avoiding excessive pausing, breakdowns and errors in grammar and pronunciation. Involve students in talking about a range of topics which engage their interests, experiences and opinions.
  • Types of activities: Use pictures, newspaper headlines cartoons as stimuli. Provide necessary language (structures, words).and discussion questions, e.g., Do you agree with what the woman in the picture is saying?

Functional dialogues ( 10 / 05 hrs)

  • Asking for help/permission/ directions
  • Exponents: Can I ask you a favour, May I…, Could you please…, Would you mind if I …, I would like to… I wonder if I could…
  • Types of activity: Role plays the model dialogue. Prepare their own dialogues. Perform them before the class.

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