The nature of education psychology


1. Educational Psychology is a science. Like any other science, educational psychology has also developed objective methods of collection of data. It also aims at understanding, predicting and controlling human behavior.

2. Educational Psychology is a natural science. An educational psychologist conducts his investigations, gathers his data and reaches his conclusions in exactly the same manner as any other scientist.

3. Educational psychology is a social science. It studies human beings and their sociability.

4. Educational psychology is a positive science. A positive science deals with facts as they are or as they operate. Educational psychology studies the child’s behavior as it is, not, as it ought to be.

5. Educational psychology is an applied science. It is the application of psychological principles in the field of education. By applying the principles and techniques of psychology, it tries to study the behavior and experiences of the pupils. it draws facts from such areas as developmental psychology, clinical psychology, abnormal psychology and social psychology.

6. Educational psychology is a developing science. It is concerned with new researches.

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