Professional Writing III 2nd Year 1st Semester Syllabus

EN 2106: Professional Writing III

Higher National Diploma in English (HNDE) – 2nd Year 1st Semester Syllabus

Writing skills: causes and results (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: expressions used for describing causes/origins and expressions used for
describing results. e.g. was caused by, has become, led to, resulted in, as a result
(Ref: Language in Use: Upper Intermediate-classroom Book page 80)
• Activities:
– Read and list the expressions used for talking about causes and results
– Write other expressions which could be used instead.
– Select a headline and expand it into a paragraph, using expressions you have
e.g. Explosion Kills 20 people: leaking gas pipe-damaged when road was repairedexplosion -20 people killed.
More illiterate children-warns report: cuts in funds-fewer teachers-more
children- unable to raise funds

Informative/ expository writing (10/05 hrs)

• Text types: travel experience, interpret graphs/maps, paraphrasing
• Procedure: guided writing – Help in thinking ideas, ordering them, considering
vocabulary and grammar.\

Report writing(10/05 hrs)

• Writing reports of discussions, /meetings
• Annual reports: e.g. you are the secretary of the senior literary society. Write the
annual report giving an account of the activities of the society during the year
• Present a model with an activity. e.g. Read the following report and fill in the blanks
with the words given below.

Imaginative writing (10/05 hrs)

• Encourage students to create stories: Provide questions to stimulate writing. e.g.
What if you see some aliens in your village?
• Involve students in writing and illustrating books.
• Writing based on pictures-creative dialogues/stories

Persuasive and argumentative writing (10/05 hrs)

– Letters to the editor- Provide opportunities to read and collect different letters
from newspapers. Discuss structure, reason/argument/request etc. Get students
to write their own letters to the editor. Provide the topic and guidelines; help
them in planning, writing and redrafting.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Analyticwriting (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: critical and evaluative views of texts, drama, films and issues.
• Take account of the student’s familiarity with the topic. Guide students to form their
own view taking into account a range of evidence and opinion and to organize their
ideas and information distinguishing between analysis and comment

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