Top 5 Adobe Premiere 2020 Video Editing Features!

Top 5 Adobe Premiere 2020 Video Editing Features!

some of the  features of Adobe Premiere 2020 .

1.Auto reframe

Auto reframe tool is a content creator. We put out a lot of videos on YouTube but what about Instagram or snapchat Twitter. We want to repurpose some of our content, with the Auto reframe tool the way it works is it takes. For example your 16:9 timeline and it resizes it to the aspect ratio that you choose and it keeps everything that’s important. For example people objects in the center of the frame and what it does it creates a keyframe and it moves things automatically. It actually works very good so the way you do it.

Right-click on your sequence and select Auto reframe from there  select the aspect ratio. for example you can select 9:16 or 1:1 or you can even create a custom aspect ratio. from there you can select how fast the movement is. so if you’re doing something like crazy drilling shots, You can select fast or if it’s kind of something a little bit more slow you just select the slow movement and then all you do is hit apply and it automatically resize your footage to the aspect ratio that you selected. now something that’s really cool even if you have motion graphics or text in your sequence, it will automatically resize that too which is pretty amazing.

2.Motion Graphics

Premiere 2020s update motion graphics are getting a lot of love which is very appreciated. Because before if we wanted to animate text we’d have to go into Adobe after-effects which is a whole new program to learn and it would take way too much time to do kind of simple animations. we really just didn’t have any way to do it in Premiere Pro but what’s really cool about this update is that companies like smash workshop are taking advantage of this and doing these really cool integrated templates right into a Premiere Pro.

for example they have this thing called the text builder. So we can go into the graphics window and easily drag and drop their template directly into  timeline. Some of the cool things that you can do, we can have it ease in and ease out or overshoot.

  • Motion Blur

you can add motion blur you can expand it  with the type writer effect. we can also do shape animations. You can do kind of all the same things that you could do with text.

  • Stroke continuous animation

The other thing called stroke continuous animation, we can take the stroke outline of a shape and  animate it around the shape. It will get the attention of your viewer and of what you’re wanting them to look at. Though it seems a little bit confusing but it is self-explanatory and it really makes sense.

they have a thing called custom image builder where you can actually upload your own images to the template. And then drag and drop them into your timeline and animate them in the exact same way. This is really good for youtubers. if you have like your own logo or social media and you’re just wanting to kind of spice it up and make them look that much nicer. So overall the motion graphic update to Premiere Pro 2020 was much needed and companies like smash workshop taking advantage of this.

3.New Camera Support

the Premiere is now supporting newer cameras, for example the Panasonic s1h. If you have that camera you can edit that in Adobe Premiere. you also have the Sony venez v4 camera support, canon xf hevc and the brand new upcoming Canon c500.

4.Audio Update

Audio got an update in Premiere Pro 2020. so now instead of only being able to increase your volume by six decibels in 2019 which was really annoying. It almost never felt like enough you can now go to 15 decibels which is more than double what you were able to get before definitely a welcome upgrade.

4.Incremental Updates

smaller incremental updates for example time remapping something that we often use before you can only go up to a thousand percent. Well now you can speed ramp things up to twenty thousand percent which is actually really great for time lapses. The other thing is Mac support. Before you are able to choose between OpenCL and the metal render now it completely defaults to metal. Which means that it should be a lot more faster improved performance and this is actually really good for especially the new 2019 16″ MacBook Pro, which is going to take more advantage of this optimization.

Then you also have other codecs or really the motion JPEG, which was not really an issue in the PC side but now it fully supported on the Mac side. All forms of motion JPEG are fully supported. You also have the system compatibility report 2.0. It lets you know if you need to update any drivers or if there’s something wrong with your computer. So this is actually really good because what Adobe is trying to do is making sure that any computer that you’re running Adobe premier is going to be fully optimized.

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