English Language Teaching Methodology II Syllabus – HNDE

EN 2205 English Language Teaching Methodology II

Higher National Diploma in English Syllabus 2nd Year 2nd Semester

Handling learner errors (15/08hrs)

  • Which errors to correct? Difference between errors and mistakes, global errors which cause misunderstanding) and local errors (relate only to a part of what is said)
  • How to find a balance between correction and encouragement
  • How to respond to errors during different activities

Language teaching techniques: Teaching a lesson (15/07 hrs)

  • Techniques which could be used in different stages of the lesson: introduction, presentation,practice, application, evaluation

Handling primary text books-Let’s Learn English (10/05 hrs)

  • Overview of the package-theme, vocabulary, structure.
  • Examine content of the text books, grade 3-5, the content of workbooks, suggested teaching, procedure and assessment procedure

Micro-teaching: primary material (20/10hrs)

Select the sections to be taught, prepare lesson plan, teach to a small group, critique of the lesson, re-teaching

Secondary material (10/05 hrs)

  • Overview of the package: syllabuses, text books, workbooks, examine rationale, underlying principles
  • Examine content and suggested teaching procedure in the Teacher’s Guides.
  • Writing lesson plans to handle dialogues, different reading texts, writing, grammar, listening and speaking.

Micro-teaching: secondary materials (20/10hrs)

Follow the same procedure as for the primary teaching

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