G.C.E A/L Chemistry Resource Book English Medium | PDF

Chemistry Resource Book

Download G.C.E A/L Chemistry Resource Book English Medium PDF File. The Following File Prepared and Published by National Institute of Education, Nie.

Details of the Resource Book

Grade AL
Subject Chemistry
Topic Resource Book
Medium English Medium
Source Nie.lk
Published on August 2021.
File type Printable PDF
No. of Pages 731

Available Units in this Chemistry Resource Book

  • Unit 1: Atomic Structure
  • Unit 2: Structure and Bonding
  • Unit 3: Chemical Calculations
  • Unit 4: Gaseous State of Matter
  • Unit 5: Energetics
  • Unit 6: Chemistry of s, p and d Block Elements
  • Unit 07. Basic concepts of organic chemistry
  • Unit 08. Hydrocarbons and halo hydrocarbons
  • Unit 09. Oxygen containing organic compounds
  • Unit 10. Nitrogen containing organic compounds
  • Unit 11: Chemical Kinetics
  • Unit 12: Chemical Equilibrium
  • Unit 13: Electro chemistry
  • Unit 14 – Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Pollution
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Advantages of Chemistry Resource Book

  • Effective tool of long lasting learning
  •  Help students to engage
  •  Improvement in grades
  •  Helps to understand the difficult concepts
  •  Identify key gaps in learning process
  •  Promotes active learning
  •  Raises interest level of the students.
  •  Track the progress of students

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